Why Hire a Realtor? Because Having A Professional on Your Side Makes All the Difference.

Why Hire a Realtor

Even though we have answer to our many real estate questions at our fingertips, the real answer to “why hire a realtor?” is simple. Experience. 

“Reality” Shows like Property Brothers, Fixer Upper, and many more on TV give viewers an extremely false view of what it’s like to navigate the housing market, whether you’re a buyer or a seller.

There are many things that can work out great with DIY tricks, in fact, you can find them on our Tricia’s Tips page, BUT buying and selling your home is not something that often works out well when doing it yourself.

Here are just some of the reasons you need a real estate professional in your corner:

The Buying & Selling Processes Require Completing Numerous Steps
There are actually up to about 230 possible steps that you could run into as you complete a real estate transaction. You’ll need professional help along the way to make sure that your sale is smooth, and you don’t leave a single dollar on the table. You’ll want someone with plenty of experience to help you through it.

Negotiation Skills Are Key. In the competitive market we currently find ourselves, having a tough and knowledgeable negotiator on your side could save you thousands, or maybe even tens of thousands of dollars. From drafting the offer to getting a fair appraisal and completing the inspection, there can be many unforseens if you are not experienced in navigating this process. 

It’s Important to Have an Accurate Value of the Home You’re Buying 
The internet is flooded with information about home sales, prices, mortgage rates, and many other aspects of real estate, regarding trends, tips, and much more. How do you know what information to trust and what to steer clear from? Not to mention, information that is true in one area isn’t always accurate in another. How do you know that your home is competitively priced, based on home values IN YOUR AREA?

Dave Ramsey, advises: “When getting help with money, whether it’s insurance, real estate or investments, you should always look for someone with the heart of a teacher, not the heart of a salesman.”
 You need someone who’s going to tell you the truth, based on experience and true knowledge of the market your home belongs to, not just someone who will tell you what they think you want to hear.

Bottom Line
Today’s real estate market is more competitive than ever. Having an experienced professional on your side will make navigating this process, maybe not quite effortless, but definitely far less stressful than trying to do it alone. 

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