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Trigger Leads from Loan Applications

When someone applies for a loan, they might be flooded with hundreds of solicitation calls. When leads or clients agree to let banks check their credit, it’s important that they are aware of TRIGGER LEAD marketing. This is initiated by the credit bureaus and involves selling their information to various lenders after applying for a loan. If they haven’t opted out, they may receive calls, emails, and texts from different lenders, some possibly with names similar to ours. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause for them and understand how extremely invasive this is. 

I wanted to include information about this topic so please see below for additional materials: 
– Brian Hervey: Explanatory Video About Trigger Leads
Register at This is the official place where people can prohibit their name from being added to lists from major credit reporting agencies that companies use to provide firm offers of credit or insurance. They can use the online form to opt out of receiving these offers for a period of five years or mail in a request to opt out permanently.
– Call to Action link to encourage our local senators to take faster action about this serious issue:

The above information was graciously provided by our trusted partner, Brian Hervey. If you are in need of a mortgage, his information is listed below.  

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