How to Make Your Dream of Homeownership a Reality.

Benefits of Becoming a Homeowner

86% of buyers are getting information from a real estate agent!

Here are three reasons why working with a real estate pro is key:

1. Real Estate Transactions are Not Simple Processes. There’s a lot more to real estate than browsing around online, making an offer, and signing the closing papers. There are actually up to about 230 possible steps that you could run into as you complete a real estate transaction. From coming up with a budget, to submitting an offer, and negotiating your terms, you’ll need professional help along the way to make sure that you get exactly what you’re looking for with terms that you deserve. You’ll want a professional with plenty of experience to help you through it.

2. Negotiation Skills Are Key. In the competitive market we currently find ourselves, having a tough and knowledgeable negotiator on your side could save you thousands, or maybe even tens of thousands of dollars. From drafting the offer to getting a fair appraisal and completing the inspection, there can be many unforseens if you are not experienced in navigating this process. 

3. Education Goes A Long Way. The internet is flooded with information about home sales, prices, mortgage rates, and many other aspects of real estate, regarding trends, tips, and much more. How do you know what information to trust and what to steer clear from? Not to mention, information that is true in one area isn’t always accurate in another. And, most importantly, how do you make sure you’re not making an offer so unnecessarily far above the asking price or so low that you’ll take yourself out of the running, completely? The Results Real Estate Team can help with all of these questions! 

Now that you’ve selected a real estate professional, and hopefully it’s a Results Real Estate REALTOR®, you’ll want to make sure you have a firm grasp on, at the very least, the basics of the homebuying process. Here’s are a couple important questions to think about!

1. How Can I Make Sure I Understand the Buying Process, and How Do I Know What I Can Afford?
Before you begin the process of becoming a homeowner, there are a few things that you need to think about and make a decision on beforehand. A few of those things are: how long you plan on living in an area, school districts you prefer, what kind of commute works for you, and how much you can afford to spend.
According to
“Financial planners recommend limiting the amount you spend on housing to 25 percent of your monthly budget.”
Don’t forget that before you even begin the process of purchasing a home, you’ll need to apply for a mortgage so you know how much you can offer sellers. Mortgage lenders will look into a handful of areas that will be contributing factors to the amount you’re approved for. A big factor is your credit history. Lenders want to see how well you responsibly manage your debt so prior to applying, you’ll want to be sure you’re paying your student loans, credit cards, and car loans on time.

2. How Do I Know How Much I Should Have Ready for a Down Payment?
Not only should you calculate what you can realistically afford for a monthly mortgage payment, you should also be sure to come up with a reasonable figure that you can set aside for a down payment. The age-old assumption that you must have 10% down is simply outdated. There are many lenders who will accept as low as 3%, so make sure you shop around!
If saving for a down payment is still scary for you, just remember that slow and steady wins the race. This is something that you can start preparing for NOW! A little bit each month goes a long way. You can even set up an auto transfer of funds, monthly, to a separate account so you don’t have to worry about spending it.

Bottom Line If becoming a homeowner is important to you, make it an obtainable goal. To do so, be sure to create smaller goals along the way so you don’t get overwhelmed and give up. And don’t forget, Results Real Estate is with you every step of the way!

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Whether you're trying to become a first-time homeowner or simply looking to relocate to the Reed City, Big Rapids, Evart, or Baldwin areas, the Results Real Estate team can help!